Due to the wide variety of services we offer and factors including shipping (where applicable) and specialized needs, the best way to get a price on the service you need is to submit a quote request. We will follow up with your request within 24 hours or less (on business days). So whether you see a service listed or not (chances are we can do it), contact us and we’ll be glad to help you out or point you in the right direction.

  • Graphic Design

    We offer just about any and all types of graphic design. Graphic design relates mainly to web graphics such as logos, kindle book covers, marketing graphics, info graphics, web banners, etc. Web graphics use the standard resolution of 72dpi (dots per inch).

  • Print Design

    Print design mainly refers to any designs created specifically for any type of printed materials such as business cards, posters, flyers, door hangers, brochures, etc. Printed graphics differ from web graphics in that it uses the print standard 300dpi (dots per inch). Printed graphics require a much higher resolution than web graphics in order to look clear and crisp. We are partnered with a professional print company that produces beautiful, high quality printed material for all of your printing needs.

  • Website Design

    We offer clean, professional website design using the WordPress platform which has a built in user back-end to easily update your website. All of our sites are created with responsive design which simply means that the design will scale and adjust to any screen size such as PC, tablets and smart phones. With the ever growing tablet and smart phone market, it is essential that your site be viewable on these devices as well as on a standard PC. Our quality design work and clean, professional website design will give you a website to be proud of.

  • Background Removal

    If you are a photographer or photography studio, we also specialize in image background removal and replacing it with a custom background design. Muslin backdrops are expensive and boring. Let us create a professional background for your images. Bulk orders welcome.

  • Retouching

    We also provide Photoshop retouching and photo manipulation services.